Aurora Class IV Laser Therapy System

Designed with years of research and feedback from our customers, we are thrilled to debut the Aurora: the safest, most-effective Class 4 Laser Therapy System on the market.

Where other Class 4 systems require a buffer between the lens and the skin, or constant movement to prevent burning, the Aurora is engineered for treatment in contact mode as this ensures effective dosing. When the lens is not in contact mode, the laser light scatters, and it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine the dose delivered.


  • Respond Systems’ Class 4 laser system comes equipped with 3 custom designed probes to ensure the most effective laser light delivery for each wavelength, power and condition.
  • With the largest lens area for delivery of 5W of continuous power in contact mode, the Aurora covers the treatment area in less time and without the need for complicated treatment size calculations.
  • Like all of the Respond laser systems, the Super-Pulse is a true super pulse diode enabling this Class 4 probe to reach a peak power of 200W in 9 diodes for maximum depth of penetration up to 5″ with NO risk of burning.
  • While treatment safety and efficacy are the core of the Aurora, she was also designed to deliver a superior experience both for the practitioner and the patient with an innovative touch screen interface with treatment pathways for both the new and experienced user.


Aurora Class IV Laser Therapy System

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Choice of four laser wavelengths and powers with custom designed delivery probes for maximum efficacy:

  • 808nm 1000mW (1W) continuous wave small head probe with removable acupuncture tip
  • 808nm 5W continuous wave probe with large, 50 sq cm head
  • 904nm Super-Pulsed wide head with 9 diodes and 200W peak power for maximum depth of penetration
  • 670nm 500mw Red probe for skin conditions and surface wounds

Innovative Touch screen interface

Over 50 built-in protocols for feline, canine and equine patients with selectable variables for:

  • Weight
  • Coat Color
  • Body Type

Easily Accessible Advanced Mode for experienced practitioners to bypass protocols

Patient Record Storage

Full probe containment for minimal tabletop space requirement

3- Hour Battery Back-Up for Portability

Stable 12” x 11” surface footprint to eliminate tipping over in both office and barn

Two-year warranty

International customers, including those in Canada, must call or email to place an order.

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