Luminex Vet

This higher power Class 3b system comes equipped with built-in protocols for the most common conditions and the ability to input your own custom protocols. With this system, you can experience the Power of Cool with a fast treatment time with no risk of heating or burning.

Like all of the Respond Systems laser models, the Super-Pulse probe for this unit is a true super pulse that allows a high peak power for a maximum depth of penetration of up to 5” with NO risk of burning.

Luminex Vet

The Luminex Vet is still a Class 3b laser but with a 1W continuous wave probe, it can cut treatment times almost in half!

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  • Class 3b
  • Choice of two laser probes:
    • 808nm 1000mW (1W) continuous wave
    • 904nm Super-Pulsed wide head with 8 diodes and a peak power of 85W
  • Convex routed tip on the continuous wave probe
  • Extra-large 50cm Super-Pulsed treatment head
  • Built-in protocols for most common conditions
  • Ability to select dosage in joules with audible time notification of dosage delivery
  • Touch pad volume and pulse frequency control
  • Lithium-ion battery provides 8 hours of use and charges overnight
  • Portable unit (4.6lbs) with carrying case and shoulder strap
  • Acupuncture tip
  • Two-year warranty

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