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Equine Bio-Pulse Systems Products

  • Maxi-Pulse Hock Boot

    The Maxi- Pulse Hock Boot is ergonomically designed to treat existing injuries and to prevent failure of the hock joint. The Hock Boots have small coils for complete penetration of the hock to aid in treating injured and arthritic hocks. Continue reading

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  • The Meyers Neck Wrap

    The Meyers Neck Wrap has four coils that deliver pulsing magnetic therapy to the cervical spine and associated muscles to help alleviate pain and help accelerate healing at the source of the condition or injury. Continue reading

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  • The Bio-Pulse™ Sentry Blanket Magnetic Therapy System

    The Sentry PEMF blanket has been designed to cover all the major muscle groups. With eight large coils, two coils for top line support, coils for the hamstring muscles and inside stifle coils, this blanket is a must have for the very athletic, the injured or the aging horse. Continue reading

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  • Roller Bag

    This roller bag is large enough to fit a Bio-Pulse Sentry Horse blanket or can be used to transport any Respond Systems PEMF or Laser Therapy equipment.  Durable enough to handle the barn, car and airline carriers!  


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  • Maxi-Pulse Legging

    The Leggings have booth cannon and hoofs coils targeting the tendons, ligaments and bones from below the hock or knee to hoof.

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  • Bio-Pulse Iron Foot

    The Bio-Pulse Iron Foot  is a portable, cord-free PEMF therapy pad that treats conditions from the hoof to the knee. Its extremely durable molded rubber pad of 40 durmoter hardness with one large pulsing coil covering the entire surface area […]

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