Respond Systems - Laser therapy and magnetic therapy for treating pain and ailments in companion animals
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Laser therapy and magnetic therapy systems

Our laser therapy products cover a range of class III & class IV laser therapy applications, providing low level laser therapy, and cold laser therapy. Respond Systems, Inc. magnetic therapy (PEMF) systems include magnetic blankets, beds, wraps and boots for pain relief and treatment of conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis. If you have any questions about treatment or our products, please contact us. Noteworthy
The Luminex Ultra - 670 nm Red Beam Module


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Respond Systems Laser Therapy - Featured on Fox News

Respond Systems, Inc. manufactures laser therapy and pulsing electro magnetic field (PEMF) therapy systems for treatment of soft tissue injuries and for relief of pain caused by injury, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases found in dogs, cats, and horses. Safe, natural and tested in the field for over 25 years, you can use them with confidence. Veterinarians, Physical therapists, companion animal and horse owners have been using our laser therapy and magnetic therapy equipment for over 25 years for acupuncture, to speed healing of injuries and pain relief.  As a leading manufacturer of laser therapy and magnetic therapy systems, Respond Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing options for those that care for companion animals, and the advancement of alternative medicine and holistic care. 


Equine Condition Companion Animals
Fractures Degenerative Joint Disease
Navicular/Laminitis Degenerative Myelopathy
Stifle Injury Decubital Ulcers
Ligaments/Tendons Lick Granulomas
Knees/Hocks Post Op ACL Surgery
Arthritis Hip Dysplasia
Slow, non-healing wounds Fractures
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To increase performance and keep their horses fit, our equine clients own the Respond lasers, the Sentry PEMF therapy system and the Iron Foot PEMF foot pad. 


Beezie Madden, Show Jumping Gold Medalist

Beezie is a consummate professional who loves to ride all types of horses, quips, “better lazy than crazy!”  A 20 year client of the Respond laser and our Sentry PEMF system, she is an avid user of these systems both at home and on the road.  “"I use the Respond Sentry blanket on my horses both before and after they compete. It helps loosen their muscles up before competing, and it helps their muscles recover after competing which helps them have happier, healthier, longer, and more successful careers”


Steffen Peters - 3 Time Olympian, 2009 FEI World Cup and CDIO Aachen Champion

Steffen had stunning rides aboard Ravel at the 2009 FEI World Cup Dressage Final and all three classes of the 2009 CDIO Aachen, the first US Dressage competitor to win the events.  He uses the Respond laser, Sentry blanket and Iron Foot before all rides at home and competitions, and we are thrilled to be part of his team.

Chester Weber - Driving Four-in-Hand Silver Medalist

Chester’s horse Jamaica was named USEF Horse of the Year, and the Respond laser and PEMF systems are part of the daily maintenance of all his team members. “My horses work very hard with their backs and in order to stay in top condition I rely on the blankets to help keep my team at the top of their game.”

laser therapy provided in the field

Using the Respond laser to treat arthritis in the knee.

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