Why RSI Equine?

By dedicating ourselves to individual service and customer experience, RSI stands apart from all others in the industry. No horse is the same, and no injury is the same, and our team of caring professionals works with you to find the right solution for you and for your horse. 30 years of science, customer feedback and testimonials informs our guidance to find the right treatment to target the condition, build your horse back to optimal health, and then maintain that peak condition.
Laser Therapy and PEMF are safe, non-invasive and proven therapies that help support the wellbeing of the horse, often offering an alternative to costly drugs or surgery that may cause side effects, and keep you out of the ring, or off the course for months at a time. We look forward to becoming a part of your team and working to ensure that our partnership with the horse both in sport and as companions is a respectful one in which the horse can flourish in both health and spirit.

Made in the USA since 1983

Respond Systems Inc. has been manufacturing laser and pulsed magnetic field therapy systems for the equine market since 1983. With over 30 years of research, innovation and client feedback, we customize our systems to the unique needs of our equine customers. Top of the line durability is a pre-requisite for usage in the barn and on the road at shows, and all of our systems are expected to last at least ten and often last more than twenty years in service.

A proud, second generation family business, we design, manufacture and service all systems at our 30,000 sq.ft. headquarters in Branford, CT, USA. Proximity to the vibrant horse culture of the New York Suburbs and the highly educated workforce of Southern New England ensures our connection to the forefront of our industry.

Top Quality Support & Consultative Rentals

As a customer, you have access to our growing library of treatment protocols used by top equine athletes and veterinarians aggregated over three decades, along with the depth of knowledge of experienced staff specialists who can assist you with treating your horse’s unique problem. Our specialists are available via video conference to help walk you through the set up and use of your laser or PEMF system, or to advise on a particular case. We also offers the option to rent an RSI Equine System for the short term, in the case that you need a system for an acute injury, or for a show. Our staff will work with you during the rental period to demonstrate the benefit of our systems, and provide the information needed for you to make a wise buying decision.

Innovation & Commitment to Research

With our manufacturing and operations offices side by side at the Branford office, there is a free flow of ideas between our engineering and research teams. This allows RSI to innovate as technology and science provide us opportunities to study new features and functions that will drive forward the fields of laser and PEMF therapy.

Support & Sponsorship of Equine Athletes

RSI Equine is proud to sponsor and support not only top equine athletes but also a number of non-profit organizations whose mission it is to ensure the health and wellbeing of horses and nurture the powerful relationship between horse and man. Visit RSIequine.com to see a full list of our partners and sponsors.