Laser Case Studies


Jazzy- Meriden Humane Society

Before and After 5.13.17

Before and After 5.23.17

June 9, 2017










At 9-years of age, Jazzy had been bred repeatedly, spent most of her life in a basement and probably had never seen a veterinarian. She was rescued by the Meriden Humane Society in Connecticut in May 2017.

When rescued, Jazzy had a gaping wound on the side of her head. Chronic ear infections and allergies had resulted in an abscess that ruptured leaving a large, open wound as depicted in the images dated 5/6/2017.  Jazzy was given antibiotics from the veterinarian to help fight the infection.

On 5/10/2017, Jazzy commenced laser therapy treatments using the following protocol:

– Use one layer of Saran wrap over the open wound when treating to prevent the spread of any bacteria
– 2 joules per spot for the open wound
– 4 beeps per spot for the ears and the tissue surrounding the open wound

Repeat daily. 

Within 1-week, the wound had decreased in inflammation and size (photo dated 5/13/17)

Within 2-weeks, the wound was almost closed (photo dated 5/23/17)

By 5 weeks, the wound was fully closed and fur was growing back (photo dated 6/9/2017)

By July 11, 2017, Jazzy had found her new forever home!

Jazzy at her new forever home!











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  • I just wanted to share my daughter’s success story after using your respond 2400XL system! My daughters 11-year old gelding had been diagnosed with bucked shins, was told 6 months stall rest right at the beginning of rodeo season.  We got a second opinion from our vet in Texas and our trainer who said to use this laser therapy twice a day for 2 weeks and bring him back for re-evaluation. We did this diligently, no NSAIDs or prescriptions given during this time. Within 3 days, swelling was gone! One week and he was walking sound. Three week check up, he was released to begin conditioning. After 2 months conditioning here is his first race back after over 3 months off! We use your laser therapy as outlined in the manual on all 5 of her barrel horses! Her main horse, Deisel, that I just told you about is soft, easy to ride, and calmer than ever now that he gets his treatments before and after each run….not to mention staying at the top of the 1D in every race he’s entered in now!

    Thank you for making such a great product!

    Just wanted to let you know that the Jaggars Family supports your lasers through and through!


    - Bucked Shins and Respond Laser: Ginger Jaggars, 2016

  • ” Thought I would share this video with you. It was a two-day rodeo Qualifying runs during the day with the top ten making the short round at the performance that evening. I was not able to laser him before the qualifying run Friday and they knocked .Saturday I was able to laser him as  you suggested hocks, stifles, SI  joint  and hamstring. They clocked a 12.7 for second place with a 12.6 winning that round.

    Before the performance I again was able to laser him the same as before but adding 1 j with the wide head following the pre-race treatment that David had sent me. They ran a 12.44 to win the rodeo easily taking first with second place clocking a 12.7!

    Thank you so much for your help I know that the treatment helped him feel his best.”



    - Floyd Jensen, 2016

  • Respond Systems lasers are simply the best, the Luminex Vet Class 3b laser has all the power and penetration capabilities you will ever need to meet your objectives for soft tissue rehab or preventative maintenance for your equine athlete.

    - Tom Meyers, Equine Therapist, U.S. Team Physiotherapist for 1996 Olympics and 2006 World Games

  • We have been using Respond Systems therapy blankets and lasers since 1996. The whole crew from Respond Systems is fantastic to work with. The therapy blankets get tuned up every fall and come back good as new. People ask me if I have ever worked with other magnetic products or lasers, and I have always said that I have no need to. Respond Systems answers all the questions they should. It’s a product that you wouldn’t know you needed it until you have had one. In driving with the marathon carriage being 600 kilos and the horses having to work well over their back, Respond Systems is a big help.

    - Chester Weber, October 2015

  • I have been using lasers, chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture for over 10 years now for my patients. I have recently been having owners use the Respond System’s Bio-Pulse Magnetic Therapy Bed. Owner’s report their dogs immediately settle on their bed for nightly treatments. My owners are thrilled to a safe effective therapy they can use daily for their cherished companions comfort. We are using these beds for injured patients, post surgery, and our older pets that need continuous attention. I am pleased to have something more to offer my clients for their home care programs. The Bio Pulse Magnetic Bed has become a common recommendation for many of my patients.

    - Donna M. Raditic D.V.M., C.V.A.

  • I’ve been dealing with Respond Systems since the mid-1990s and have found them to be of the highest caliber, completely professional and truly caring. I appreciate their products, and on the rare occasion that we’ve needed service  turnaround has been rapid and the cost reasonable.  I am writing this to thank Respond and their staff for decades of service to our profession and to give Respond Systems my highest recommendation.

    - Larry A. Bernstein, VMD, CVH, CVA

  • I was totally unprepared for the world of veterinary rehabilitation when I went to my first International Rehabilitation Conference in 2003. I took numerous classes and was always struck by that piece of equipment that all veterinary rehab specialists said they “couldn’t live without”, the therapeutic laser. Immersing myself in rehab comes naturally to a veterinary neurologist and after researching various laser products I was fortunate to meet the Hudson’s, the actual force behind the Respond Laser. Their knowledge and dedication to producing a product of the highest quality as well as promising great service was made with such sincerity, I knew this was the company who was going to deliver what they “preached”. After 9 years, numerous upgrades as the technology changes and unbelievable service I certainly made the right choice.

    - H. Steven Steinberg, VMD, ACVIM, CCRT

  • I was treating a delayed union tibial fracture on an older Yorkie dog.  At 8 weeks after the fracture there was still little remodeling (not much healing to speak of).  That’s when we started the laser, herbs and 2 hours daily (at least most days) of the PEMF bed.  That has gone on for 4 weeks.  We took rads last night and there is significant bridging!  Enough to remove the splint and downgrade to a padded bandage.   It was amazing!  Very cool, very pleased.

    - Rita McKay