Respond Systems, Inc. is a private corporation founded in 1983 to meet the needs of veterinarians and trainers who desired a modality that would provide faster healing and better methods to reduce painful conditions. The first adopters of laser therapy and PEMF therapy were owners and trainers of Olympic level horses, and Veterinarians with an interest in holistic healing.

Since our founding, we have collaborated with our clients to develop state of the art veterinary therapy systems to provide cutting edge technology that can be used for many small animal and equine indications. The equipment pays for itself many times over because of its wide range of uses and dependable construction which leads to a long life span. Small animal Veterinary Practices, now our largest group of customers, provide ongoing consultation about treatment protocols and current problems, allowing us to anticipate how new technology might be built into therapy systems to meet their future needs.

Our large research and manufacturing facility in Branford, CT, USA also houses our corporate offices, and sales offices, as well as our training department. The equipment that we design is made and serviced in our factory, here in Connecticut. Respond Systems, Inc. is an equal opportunity manufacturer, offering a challenging, rewarding working environment with excellent benefits.


The Luminex Vet and Respond 2400VS systems are completely portable. They are lightweight, and easily moved from room to room in their shoulder slung cases. Their tote bags provide and easy way to keep all the component parts together. You don’t need to bring your patient to the “laser room,” you bring the laser to the patient, whether they are on the treatment room floor, in your client’s car or in their home.


We engineer and build quality into our products at every point in the process. Components are selected to insure longevity, designs are developed to make the product intuitive and easy to use. We pride ourselves in a well-designed and well-built system that you will have in your practice for years to come.


Great service, two kinds!! You get great service from the equipment that you purchase. Most of our hospitals and clients use the lasers between eight and ten hours per day. They recharge the system overnight to make sure it is ready for more rounds tomorrow. And you get great service from our Company. In the event of a system problem, we offer a “loaner” program to our practitioners so that you are not without a laser system while yours is being serviced. Our service turnaround is two business days, and your service needs will be handled quickly by our friendly customer service reps.


Our products are safe for use in your practice. Safety glasses of the proper optical density are provided to ensure safe operation for your employees and clients. Electronic and mechanical systems designs are developed based upon ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 standards for stringent quality control.


We have a number of studies (some double blind) that have been conducted by leaders in the field using our Respond laser systems, demonstrating efficacy in soft tissue healing.

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Since 1986 we have been designing and manufacturing laser systems. We have over 10,000 customers world wide using our therapy systems that frequently compliment us on our good customer service and rugged, reliable equipment.