How PEMF Works

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Many people are familiar with PEMF, since it has been in human use since the 1970’s to heal non-union fractures. Although products manufactured by Respond Systems are not for human use, Bio-Pulse PEMF systems have been in use for over 30 years on horses, dogs, cats and even elephants and giraffes!  PEMF uses pulsing magnetic fields, developed by pulsing a small amount of battery current through coils of wire, to initiate normal biological cellular reactions that result in improved circulation and provide pain relief.

1. What is PEMF Therapy and how does is work?     

Magnetism is a fundamental force that is essential for life on Earth. PEMF uses pulsing electromagnetic fields to jumpstart and accelerate normal biological cellular reactions.

Very simply, cells contain electrically charged particles called ions that govern all cellular processes. When the body is stressed by illness, competition, environmental factors or age, the cellular membrane that conducts the essential ions in to and out of the cell becomes comprised and is unable to efficiently do its job of managing the transport of these ions. When the PEMF generated by the Respond Systems bed penetrates the body, a magnetic field in motion is created that immediately and positively directly impacts these ions and membrane potential to stimulate them into action. The result is an increase in cellular communication and circulation, a decrease in inflammation and pain and a resulting acceleration of healing.

There are no side effects and many times PEMF can be used in place of pharmaceuticals to treat long-term, degenerative conditions.

2. Why is it called “pulsing” magnetic field therapy?    

The most effective form of signaling cells is to send a series of magnetic pulses, of the proper frequency and wave form to stimulate cellular action. The Bio-Pulse systems generate a frequency and wave form which was recommended as the most effective by Dr. C.A. Bassett in his landmark work at Columbia University Hospital.

Pulsing Magnetic therapy penetrates completely through the joints and muscles. The strength of a magnetic field is directly related to the size and the composition of the magnet, and determines the depth of penetration. When you pulse battery current through the coils of the Respond System Bio-Pulse systems, you are turning each coil of wire into a large, pulsing magnet. You can feel the pulsing up to 12 inches away from the coil by holding a test magnet in your hand.

3. What is treatment like?     

PEMF has the unique ability to pass through fur, skin, bandages and bone. The depth of field of Respond Systems Bio-Pulse PEMF Small Animal Bed can penetrate through the entire body of a dog lying on the bed reaching deep into the joints and muscles stimulating circulation. The beds can be placed on the couch, in a crate, under your dog’s bedding or even in the car.

The 30-minute treatment cannot be felt but the effect is noticeable and many times your pet will relax on the bed or even fall asleep. Typically, you will see results within two weeks and many times you will notice an immediate difference in the way your pet rises, walks and runs.

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Products  Conditions Treated  Case Studies  Bibliography