PEMF / Equine Bone Cyst

Case Study Courtesy of Dr. Heitor Scholl, DVM, Sao Paolo, BR. (July, 2015)

Presentment: 3 year old mare with a bone cyst on the medial femoral epicondyle. Mild to moderate pain, cyst appeared 2 months prior, was large and was non-responsive to traditional treatment. Owner’s daughter unable to ride her favorite horse.

Treatment: Respond Maxi-Pulse legging was applied for 60 minutes a day, 5 times a week.

Results: After 9 weeks, the cyst had greatly reduced in size and pain was reduced such that horse could be ridden normally.

cyst_1 cyst_2 cyst_3
Bone Cyst After 60 Days                                     Bone Cyst First Day After Surgery                      PEMF Wrap During Treatment


Dr. Heitor Scholl, DVM
Sao Paolo, BR
July 2015