Respond Systems 2400VS

This model also has the 808nm continuous wave probe that research over the past 30 years has shown to have the greatest depth of penetration.

Like all of the Respond Systems laser models, the Super-Pulse probe for this unit is a true super pulse that allows a high peak power for a maximum depth of penetration of up to 5” with NO risk of burning.

Respond Systems 2400VS

This model is a step up from the 2400XL in functionality. Not only does is have the ability to enter a specific dosage protocol, but it also has a touch-pad volume and pulse frequency control.

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  • Class 3b
  • Choice of two laser probes:
    • 808nm 500mW continuous wave
    • 904nm Super-Pulsed wide head with 4 diodes and peak power of 80W
  • Ability to select dosage in joules with audible time notification of dosage delivery
  • Touch pad volume and pulse
  • Computerized Frequency control
  • Portable, rechargeable battery pack with 110V charger
  • Portable unit with black carrying case and shoulder strap
  • Acupuncture tip
  • Main Unit is 4.2lbs
  • One-year warranty

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