• Laser Therapy

    Jumpstart the healing process with cold laser therapy proven in studies to increase the energy level in the cell to accelerate healing.

  • Bio-Pulse Magnetic Therapy

    From acute to chronic conditions, this passive therapy assists the body in healing itself while reducing pain and inflammation.

  • RSI Equine

    Trainers, therapists, veterinarians and top-level athletes have used RSI laser and PEMF therapy equipment to treat injuries and to help condition their horses to the top level of performance.

Combating White Line Disease

Every farrier or horse owner is unfortunately familiar with white line disease.   Contributing factors vary widely from nutritional and mechanical to environmental, but whatever the imbalance, the microbes which are always present in some form in the hoof, proliferate out […]


Jazzy- Meriden Humane Society

                  At 9-years of age, Jazzy had been bred repeatedly, spent most of her life in a basement and probably had never seen a veterinarian. She was rescued by the Meriden Humane […]


Laser & PEMF / Suspensory Ligament

Presentment: 10-year old dressage horse with desmitis at the origin of Suspensory Ligament. Treatment: Treatment 3x week with laser for 8 weeks (24 total treatments), Luminex Ultra 5W probe (808nm), dosage was 6 joules/cm.sq for first 4 weeks, 8 joules/cm.sq. for […]


What people think of Respond Systems

To perform at the top level my horses get the top care. That's why I choose Respond Blanket for pre and post muscle therapy. The blanket is excellent and so easy to use. Our horses fall asleep when it's on they love the therapy! Photo by Diane Puopolo Continue Reading...

The Respond Systems Iron Foot Pad has become a mainstay in our horse management program. Our event horses feet are arguably the most important body part related to their soundness and every upper level horse in the barn stands on the iron foot for 25 min daily while they are... Continue Reading...

I was totally unprepared for the world of veterinary rehabilitation when I went to my first International Rehabilitation Conference in 2003. I took numerous classes and was always struck by that piece of equipment that all veterinary rehab specialists said they “couldn’t live without”, the therapeutic laser. Immersing myself in... Continue Reading...

Baxter’s hips were in such bad shape at 9 years old that three different vets told me that if he didn’t have hip replacement or stem cell surgery he would not be walking within six months.  Hip replacement surgery wasn’t an option because his front elbow was also deteriorated so... Continue Reading...

News & Events

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