Janey and Her PEMF Treatments

April 10, 2018

Janey is a 12 yr old Scottish Fold with osteochondrodysplasia. I found her at a shelter when she was a kitten. Her paws and leg joints especially have become misshapen and thickened and her back and tail are also affected. She takes Gabapentin and Metacam daily, along with Adequan shots monthly, but still overgrooms her back, I believe from pain.

PEMF has made an incredible difference. Really, it has stunned me to see the change in her. Her mood is better, she actually runs around a little, and she does stuff like roll around on her back that I haven’t seen her do for several years. Her over-grooming is getting better too. Her posture is much more “solid”…she doesn’t move like she’s so fragile now.  I have been dreading the day I will need to do the “final kindness” when her pain becomes too great, but now I believe that could be years away.

I put the small PEMF bed under her favorite blanket where she sleeps and she gets her 30 min treatment every day…it couldn’t be easier! Currently I’m experimenting with dialing back her Metacam doses, and she’s doing great! Cindy Koval, February 2018

Dr. Sandy Block, DVM, July 2017

July 20, 2017

“Csonka is a 9 year old Rottie that was pretty crippled even on NSAID’s, Gabapentin, Adequan and Tramadol.  The owners have a house in the mountains on a lake, and he used to love to swim and play but hasn’t been able to do it for a while.  Within 2 months of using the PEMF Dog Bed,  he is off everything but a half dose of NSAIDs on occasion.

I received from Csonka’s owner after she started in November:

First treatment he stretched out and stayed on the bed for about 20 minutes. Second treatment before bed, he stretched out and fell asleep and hasn’t moved. Even stayed asleep with snack bags being opened in the kitchen and the fridge door being opened (this is unheard of for Csonk :)!!!! He seemed peppier this evening too.

And then another email four days later:
He is like a different dog. Grabbing toys and chasing us, chewing on his bone. He doesn’t let out that huge grunt when he goes to lie down each time.”


PEMF Bed for Her Guidedog, Nibitz. Heather, June 2016

June 29, 2016

“Nimitz had a very bad weekend when he could not walk for hours and was very shaky after that. Used hot water bottle and cold gel packs to bring down his inflammation which thankfully worked and he started walking better over Sunday and Monday. We were close to letting him go, he was in so much pain and frustration. I guess his vertebrae are fusing with the arthritis in the spine and hips.

So the PEMF Bed arrived yesterday afternoon and Nimitz went on it last night for his first treatment. Within 5 minutes he was asleep and in 10 he was snoring. Usually he sleeps light and moves around and paces every 10 minutes trying to get comfortable. He slept for 3 hours straight. He has not done that in a year. He went outside had some water and went back on the bed for the rest of the night sleeping soundly and relaxed. I could not believe it. I am so grateful for your kindness and help to support my retired Guide Dog. He is everything to me after taking me everywhere for 11 years and at 13 he deserves to be comfortable and pain free.”   Heather, June 2016

Donna M. Raditic D.V.M., C.V.A.

December 9, 2015

I have been using lasers, chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture for over 10 years now for my patients. I have recently been having owners use the Respond System’s Bio-Pulse Magnetic Therapy Bed. Owner’s report their dogs immediately settle on their bed for nightly treatments. My owners are thrilled to a safe effective therapy they can use daily for their cherished companions comfort. We are using these beds for injured patients, post surgery, and our older pets that need continuous attention. I am pleased to have something more to offer my clients for their home care programs. The Bio Pulse Magnetic Bed has become a common recommendation for many of my patients.

Larry A. Bernstein, VMD, CVH, CVA

December 9, 2015

I’ve been dealing with Respond Systems since the mid-1990s and have found them to be of the highest caliber, completely professional and truly caring. I appreciate their products, and on the rare occasion that we’ve needed service  turnaround has been rapid and the cost reasonable.  I am writing this to thank Respond and their staff for decades of service to our profession and to give Respond Systems my highest recommendation.

J.Shoemaker, DVM, PA

December 9, 2015

The Bio-Pulse bed can be used very effectively on older animals with orthopedic and constitutional diseases. My 16 year old Jack Russel terrier, in spite of his advanced stage of congestive heart failure, was able to sleep after using the bed, for the first time in many weeks. I also found that cats with congenital kidney disease and arthritis would actually seek out the bed when it was on, providing them comfort, as well.

H. Steven Steinberg, VMD, ACVIM, CCRT

December 9, 2015

I was totally unprepared for the world of veterinary rehabilitation when I went to my first International Rehabilitation Conference in 2003. I took numerous classes and was always struck by that piece of equipment that all veterinary rehab specialists said they “couldn’t live without”, the therapeutic laser. Immersing myself in rehab comes naturally to a veterinary neurologist and after researching various laser products I was fortunate to meet the Hudson’s, the actual force behind the Respond Laser. Their knowledge and dedication to producing a product of the highest quality as well as promising great service was made with such sincerity, I knew this was the company who was going to deliver what they “preached”. After 9 years, numerous upgrades as the technology changes and unbelievable service I certainly made the right choice.

Rita McKay

December 9, 2015

I was treating a delayed union tibial fracture on an older Yorkie dog.  At 8 weeks after the fracture there was still little remodeling (not much healing to speak of).  That’s when we started the laser, herbs and 2 hours daily (at least most days) of the PEMF bed.  That has gone on for 4 weeks.  We took rads last night and there is significant bridging!  Enough to remove the splint and downgrade to a padded bandage.   It was amazing!  Very cool, very pleased.

Ashley, August 2015

December 3, 2015

Baxter’s hips were in such bad shape at 9 years old that three different vets told me that if he didn’t have hip replacement or stem cell surgery he would not be walking within six months.  Hip replacement surgery wasn’t an option because his front elbow was also deteriorated so he could withstand the weight of having his hips done.  I was determined to find a solution to keep him walking (we spent at least 2 hours a day walking and playing together) and that is when we found a vet who recommended laser therapy.  I was willing to try anything (non-invasive)…..after 14 days and six laser treatment I HAD A NEW DOG!!! He was running and jumping like a puppy again! Seriously, it was nothing short of miraculous!! In addition, he LOVED his laser treatments.  We jokingly called them his “massage sessions.” We continued to get laser therapy for the remaining two and a half years of his (pain free) life.