Luminex Ultra Class IV Laser Therapy

Where other Class 4 systems require a buffer between the lens and the skin, our Class 4 is engineered for treatment in contact mode as this is the only way to ensure effective dosing. When the lens is not in contact mode, the laser light is scattering, and it is extremely difficult to determine how much energy is actually penetrating the skin.

This system also contains a wide head, 5W continuous wave 808nm probe for treating larger surface areas and a red 670nm probe for treating skin conditions and wounds.

Like all of the Respond laser systems, the Super-Pulse is a true super pulse diode enabling this Class 4 probe to reach a peak power of 200W for maximum depth of penetration up to 5” with NO risk of burning.

Luminex Ultra Class IV Laser Therapy

Respond Systems’ Class 4 laser system comes equipped with 4 unique modules to ensure the most effective treatment of the widest variety of conditions.

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  • Class 4
  • Choice of four laser probes/modules:
    • 808nm 1000mW (1W) continuous wave small head probe
    • 808nm 5W continuous wave probe with large, 50 sq cm head
    • 904nm Super-Pulsed wide head with 9 diodes
    • 670nm 500mw Red probe for skin conditions and surface wounds
  • Touch screen control unit with built-in protocols for most common conditions
  • Two-year warranty

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