Laser & PEMF / Suspensory Ligament

Presentment: 10-year old dressage horse with desmitis at the origin of Suspensory Ligament. Treatment: Treatment 3x week with laser for 8 weeks (24 total treatments), Luminex Ultra 5W probe (808nm), dosage was 6 joules/cm.sq for first 4 weeks, 8 joules/cm.sq. for […]


PEMF / Equine Bone Cyst

Case Study Courtesy of Dr. Heitor Scholl, DVM, Sao Paolo, BR. (July, 2015) Presentment: 3 year old mare with a bone cyst on the medial femoral epicondyle. Mild to moderate pain, cyst appeared 2 months prior, was large and was […]


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